Feel the Burn at Plana Forma

There was a time when I used to go to Plana Forma 5 times a week to maximise my unlimited monthly membership. Plana Forma is a 55-minute workout that combines different elements of yoga, Pilates, dance and barre. I find the class challenging but fun at the same time.


The class follows a format where you start with two sets of weights to warm up the body, followed by various exercises that targets the arms, thighs and abs. It’s a full body workout that will leave you crying of pain. I’m kidding (sort of. It’s a challenging workout but very fulfilling to finish), there’s a certain burn that you will feel on your arms and thighs when you do the workout right. It’s also not just doing a range of motion but also focusing on doing the isometric movements well. It’s similar to the Barre workout I did at Barre Formula.


The class is led by an instructor who will tell you what to do thus your listening skills need to be on tiptop shape. They would instruct which leg or arm to raise as well as direct you to the various movements involved in the class. The class ends with a much deserved stretching and cool down.


Plana Forma also offers different classes depending on your needs and/or level of (exercise) experience.

  • Forma Core (Beginner Friendly)

  • Forma Core+

  • Forma Flex

  • Forma Boost

  • Forma Strength

  • Forma Flow/Asana

Plana Forma is a great workout to try out especially if you want something different.

Pro-tip: All Forma classes require you to wear non-slip socks or grip socks. You can buy one at the studio or bring your own.

Plana Forma have studios in Makati, QC and Alabang. Visit http://forma-asia.com/ for more information.