Why We Kept Our Wedding Intimate

I cannot remember the exact moment when I realised I wanted to marry my then boyfriend (now husband) but I am quite sure that it was on the early stages of our relationship. Whenever we would travel, I would half kid my friends that he was going to propose already. I have this vague recollection of doing that three months in to the relationship, obviously that did not happen during that time. It happened a few years after and when I least expected it.

In all those years, I never sat down and envisioned what our wedding would look like. In a lot of ways, I was just happy that I am marrying my one true love (I don’t care how cheesy that sounds).

Our wedding was intimate in a sense that we only invited 30 people and that already includes our family. For some, it might be frowned upon to hold such a small wedding in a country known to go all out when it comes to this sort of affair.  I was even indirectly asked “Why did she only invite 30 people?” 

Let me sum it up in three reasons: 1) Money. It’s always about the money. Since we’re looking at applying for a very costly partner visa, we decided it would be wise to save some money by doing a simple wedding rather than having an extravagant one. At this point, I didn’t mind eloping and getting married but we still want to share our special day with our closest friends and family. Hence, the 30 guest list. 

2) Preference. My husband and I have a lot of mutual friends since we went to the same high school. However, we didn’t kept in touch with most of them. As we grow older, our circle of friends becomes more tight knit. We felt that it wasn’t right to invite people just for the sake of inviting them. The people we’ve invited are those who really played a part in our relationship in the recent years. They are a significant part of our life and that’s why we wanted to share our special day with them.

3) Logistics. My husband will only be able to take a one month leave from work, and that includes filing our marriage application and getting our marriage license. During that time, we’re working on a very fluid timeline which also means our wedding date is tentative. We did do all the down payments and reservations but imagine if we didn’t get our license on time and have to forego everything. That’s money wasted. With a small number of people involved, we had a good handle of the situation and we’ll be able to take control if needed. 

Sharing with you the details of our wedding and a rough estimate of the cost incurred.

  • Ceremony and Reception Venue + Catering - P30,000

  • Cake - P5,000

  • Event Styling and Bouquet - P10,000

  • Invitations - P3,700

  • Wedding Favours - P10,500

  • Bride’s Dress - P3,490

  • Hair and Make-up - P4,500

  • Photographer - P7,000

  • Solemnising Officer - P6,500

Total: ~ P80,690

Finally, photos from our intimate wedding taken by the charming Choi Alcabasa. No matter how awkward we are when our photos are being taken, he made us comfortable enough to capture the candid and heartfelt moments of our wedding.

Mik & Anne-8.jpg
Mik & Anne-7.jpg

Thank you to our lovely suppliers who made our intimate wedding possible. One of the struggles we’ve experienced is that most suppliers wouldn’t entertain a guest list this low. They would even ask for an additional charge if it is below their minimum headcount, that is why we really felt grateful to all those who worked with us and our budget to make this celebration unforgettable. Deepest gratitude to our friends and family who attended the event even if we held it at the middle of the week. We couldn’t ask for more and we are beyond grateful for your love, presence and blessings.


Photographer: Choi Alcabasa Photography / Ceremony and Reception Venue: Balay Dako / Bride’s Dress: Zoo PH / Hairstylist and Make-up Artist: Makeup by Jem / Bouquet, Flower & Decor and Event Stylist: Ashley Faye Blooms / Cake Baker: Tourist Cake Shop / Catering: Balay Dako / Invitation: Print&Co / Ceremony Music: Spotify / Host: Julie Anne Gajudo / Wedding Rings: Bought in Etsy / Solemnising Officer: Rev. Emmanuel Rey Moreno / Wedding Favours: Penguin Mug by TFY by Hazeline, Steel Straws by Sip PH, and Twinings Cold Infuse Tea. Placed inside a box bought in Divisoria.