NT Summer Equinox 2019

I’ve been pestering my friends to join me on Nikki Torres’ second round of Summer Equinox but they are just not up to it. I was really hesitant to join alone. Plus, am I really going to be able to commit to four to five Saturdays to go to classes and meetups. Long story short, I put my name in the lottery and got a slot. I paid for the registration fee (P2,500) and off we go to this month long journey.

So what is NT Summer Equinox?

Now on it’s second run, NT Summer Equinox is a month long program run by Nikki Torres. It is broken down to four Saturdays each one is a different workout or talk. The NT Summer Equinox wraps up with a big NT Sweat party. More than being a fitness and wellness program, NT Summer Equinox is a community of like minded individuals who are not just in it for the bikini body but changing their mentality and approach to health and wellness.


I can still remember the kick-off class when Nikki said that at the end of this program, abs are highly unlikely. It was great that she set everyone’s expectations and did not promise anything that would just lead to disappointment. It also helps that Nikki’s personality is fun, caring but she also means business. She is passionate in what she does and she is not selfish in sharing her knowledge. The program also entails you to receive a newsletter with nuggets of wisdom for your health, fitness and wellness. It also great that the Facebook community is very active and very welcoming of us new joiners.

Week 1: Meal Prep Workshop
by Mirabai Sebastian


I’ve been following the @thehealthypinay for quite some time in Instagram because of the colourful and delicious looking food she would post. It was a thrill seeing her in the flesh, as she shares how she prepares her food and drinks. The smoothies were easy to do and they were delicious. It gave me no excuse to prepare my own breakfast even when I’m on the go. The key is to be able to plan ahead and prep your meals in advance. Most of the recipes she shared are not complicated at all.


All the bits of wisdom, Mirabai and Nikki shared during the first session left me feeling inspired and determined. Most of the time, we are too hard on ourselves but that doesn’t need to be the case. You don’t have to deprive yourself of good food but it’s about making the conscious choices.


A fun thing was our food for that afternoon was sponsored by Quorn PH. The burger and the fajitas are absolutely delicious. Sun Life’s Go Well also gave out drawstring bags containing mason jars and straws. A helpful addition for us to prepare our own smoothies.

Up to now, I haven’t mastered the art of meal prepping but I’m slowly getting there and learning the ways.

Week 2: Pound Class
by Marge Camacho


Ahhh, Pound! To be honest, I have this love-hate relationship with this workout. I’ve tried it once and my whole body ached the next day. By Week 2, I was contemplating on skipping the class, traveling all the way from Laguna to BGC on a Saturday is not appealing. Still, I dragged my butt to class and accomplished the workout.


Pound is a high energy workout where you combine cardio, strengthening, conditioning and a bit of yoga. It’s a full body workout where you jam to the music and make use of drumsticks called ripstix. It was exhilarating and it doesn’t hurt that Marge has a pretty nice playlist to complement the workout. True enough, my body was sore the day after but it was the good kind of pain so I didn’t mind at all.

Week 3: Mystery Workout

Now we come to the third week of the program where we were asked to go to an unsuspecting gym in Mandaluyong. There wasn’t really any clue on what we’re going to do but we showed up. It turns out, we’re doing Fluid Steel by none other than Nat Cruz. We used a five pound mace and did a series of lunges and actions. It was confusing at first. I for one don’t have the right body coordination to save my life. I ended up copying the moves of the people in front of me. On the other hand, a few more tries and you will get the hang of it. The trick is concentrating on the moves and the form. Once you have mastered the basics, you’ll surely crave more.


At the end of the class, I felt that the workout wasn’t enough. I wanted to do more and learn the art of Fluid Steel. Maybe next time?


I really appreciate that Nikki curated the program in such a way that we get to try different workouts. We are able to do workouts that we won’t normally do and decide for ourselves if it is something we want to do again. There is no pressure of being the best but there’s the air of encouragement for you to at least try and not give up on it.


In addition, the promise of Quorn PH snacks (Meatless Nachos are always a good idea) can also help on motivation. We also got our gear sponsored by Adidas. It includes a sports bra, tank top and leggings. Seriously, the gear we got and the learnings we’ve shared is worth more than the registration. Talk about getting the return of your investment fast!

Week 4: Strength and Speed
a special training session with Adidas Runners Manila


I wasn’t too keen on the strength and speed session because running is my enemy. I never really liked running around in circles. I’m always the type who goes for the indoor fitness classes. Anyway, I asked my Dad to come along because he’s into running and marathons. We were gathered together and split into two groups, one would be doing the running and the other the bodyweight exercises. While we are running on a very comfortable pace, I kept arguing with my inner self that I should just stayed at the comforts of home. We did about three sessions of running and bodyweight exercises. Finally, it’s over! It wasn’t all that bad but I think running is just not something I enjoy the most. Still, it was good to try it out and my Dad really enjoyed the workout so that was still a win-win. We ended the class with a good stretch.

Before the day ends, Nikki gathered all the NT Summer Equinox participants and briefed us on what’s going to happen on the culminating activity. Aside from the last workout session (HUHU :(), there will also be a party after.

I can’t believe that a month just whizzed past us. I’m looking forward to the last session of the NT Summer Equinox, and looking forward to applying everything I’ve learned on this experience. It was definitely loads of fun but at the same time a lot of great workouts and camaraderie in between.