Barre Formula Hong Kong Experience

Last year, I made a conscious effort to work out and be fit. It was a constant struggle and to say the least. One of the things I really liked was a good barre workout. I used to go to Plana Forma in Makati every evening and even participated at their 4x4 challenge for a month.

Barre Formula
Barre Formula

When I was in Hong Kong for a short trip, I looked for a nice workout or fitness place that I can squeeze in some classes. In turn, I found Barre Formula. It was a stone’s throw away from our hotel which made it more convenient to go to. I was reluctant at first and even emailed them on what I should wear, and what to expect. Alice promptly answered my questions via email.

Will the class be taught in English?

If there’s any non-Cantonese speaker, we will teach in English.

What would be the proper attire to wear?

Any clothes that you can move freely, like you go to do a yoga class, or go for a run.

Do you need to wear grip socks?

Grip socks is optional. Most of our students do it with bare foot.

With my queries all settled, I booked a class with them. It was Friday and I made my way to the studio. The studio is on the 9F of Capri Building, it was an inconspicuous place but I was surprised that there were other fitness and dance studios in the same building. I met Jacqueline Wong, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Barre Formula. As we waited for the other students to stream in, we chatted a bit about my experience with Barre. At the top of the hour, it looks like I’m the only student for that class. It is quite understandable, it’s Friday and people would have spent their Friday night out and not working out.

I was quite nervous doing a one on one session with Jacqueline but she is great and guided me well. I sweated a lot and did my best to follow the moves, the tucks and the stretches. It was an exhilarating workout on the barre, on the mat and just even with your plain bodyweight. It is challenging but fun at the same time.

After the class, Jacqueline and I chatted more and she told that me that the studio is fairly new. They are the first Barre studio in Kowloon. It was pretty, clean and sleek. The interiors are nice and the design was meaningful. Jacqueline even quizzed me on their logo which is a combination of letters B & F.

I really enjoyed the workout and booked another class on Sunday. This time, I was in a class with Alice Siu and four other students. Alice is also the Managing Director and Co-Founder of Barre Formula.

These two women are amazing! Before, Jacqueline works full time in corporate but now focused on teaching and managing the studio. Alice is very hands on too and a lovely teacher. I promised to drop by when I visit Hong Kong again.

Barre is intimidating at first but it really gives you a full body workout. I kept encouraging my friends to come and try it with me.

How about you? What’s your favourite workout? I am interested to know or let’s work out together.