How to Renew Your Philippine Passport to Your Married Name


One of the things on my to-do list after the wedding is to renew my passport and change my IDs to my married name. Changing your name in Facebook is simple but going through the process of changing your status and your name is another thing. For one, I’m too lazy! Good thing that the passport renewal process is pretty straightforward that I didn’t encounter any problems at all.

Once you have your PSA copy of your Marriage Certificate, you need to book an appointment at the DFA Passport Appointment System.

Things You Need to Bring on Your Appointment

  • Print out of the Application Form and E-Receipt. This will be sent to your email once you’ve paid and confirmed your appointment.

  • A photocopy of the passport bio-page

  • Original copy of your PSA Marriage Certificate (They will give this back to you so don’t worry) and a photocopy of it

  • Photocopy of your birth certificate (Some say, you don’t really need it but I brought a copy just to be sure)

  • Your current/expired passport (Of course!)

Once you have everything above, just proceed to your designated DFA site. Mine was on the DFA NCR South located at the 4F of Metro Alabang Town Center. I was able to renew my passport in less than 30 minutes. It was quick and easy!


My schedule was set as 17:00 - 18:00 on a Friday. I was five minutes late so I’m not really sure if there was a line formed before you go in. Before you can get inside, you have to show the first page of the printed application form that shows you have a confirmed appointment for the day. You will be ushered in the Verification Counter.


On this counter, they will check your application form and your requirements. It was a quick check and they are not too fussy about it. They then directed me to Step 1 - Processing.

Step 1 - Processing

The Processing window is where the officer will check your application form and requirements in detail. Since I booked my appointment with my maiden name, he just asked if I’m just up for a renewal and then he saw that I’m also changing my status from Single to Married. He also verified if I’m going to take my husband’s name, which I said yes. He corrected the application form to my married name which will be also imprinted on my new passport. He asked for the original PSA copy of my marriage certificate and asked when did I get married. He didn’t asked for any IDs bearing my married name (good thing as I don’t have one yet) maybe because it’s been less than six months since I got married. Once you’re all good with that, the officer will punch the passport and directs you to go to Step 3 - Encoding.

Step 2 - Cashier

Wait, what? Why there’s no Step 2? There is, but since you’ve already paid beforehand then you don’t need to go to Step 2 unless you incur penalties. So let’s move to Step 3 - Encoding.

Step 3 - Encoding

The line for Encoding is long but there’s a bunch of counters available so it wasn’t really a long wait. Since it is also the last hour of the work day, there’s not a lot of people there. When it’s your turn, you will just give the stapled application form with requirements. They will scan it one by one. In my case, they changed my name into the system. They will take your biometrics, ask you to sign and take your photo. After that, you and the officer will review the information together which you will then sign again to signify that all is correct. They will ask if you will go back for it or have it delivered. I chose the delivery option. They will give you a piece of paper that you will show at the courier kiosk.

Note for photo capturing:

Please remove your earrings, necklace, and colored contact lenses before photo capturing


If you opt to have your new passport delivered, you will have to pay PHP 150 per passport. It doesn’t matter if you are renewing with your family and have the same delivery address, it is strictly PHP 150 per passport.

That’s it! I was done in 30 minutes and got my passport delivered the day after it was released. Now, on to the next ID!